Day Schools in the South – Feb-Mar 2014 and MC’ing Workshop – 16 Feb 2014

Branch day schools:
Oxfordshire –  flyer, application (15 February),
Somerset (1 March),
Berks/Hants/Surrey Borders – Dancers, Musicians (8 March) and
Tunbridge Wells (29 March) 
Please note that the Somerset Branch has had to change the venue and the teacher for the musicians from that given in the Summary of Schools I sent out earlier.  Rodger McAndrew is teaching the musicians, bu they now have a full quota of 20 musicians booked in, so can’t take more.  There are still vacancies for dancers. (Barbara Manning is now playing for Helen Russell in the dancers’ classes.)  The new venue at Edgar Hall Somerton has a huge ballroom.
MC’ing Workshop
As a follow up to the session Andrew Kellett ran at the last SERTA day, BHS Borders Branch are running a workshop (16 February, details attached) to allow people to practice MC’ing.