Affiliation to the RSCDS, pros and cons, Certificate Class course + exam volunteers, Day school flyers – 2015

RSCDS affiliation pros and cons discussion

The discussion after tea concentrated on the advantages and disadvantages of becoming formally constituted and applying for affiliation to the RSCDS.  The discussion was helped by Sue’s presence, as she is both Chair of the Education and Training Committee and a member (and ex-Treasurer) of Teachers’ Association Scotland (TAS).  Points made included:

For affiliation all SERTA members would also need to be RSCDS members . This is a current problem for TAS, who wish to extend membership to Scottish school teachers in general.

Affiliation would provide us with access to insurance cover.  [Rachel later established that we have insurance through the SE Branches.]

Affiliation would cause substantial changes to the administration of SERTA, particularly if a membership fee were charged.

TAS charged a membership fee initially to provide a float for use in booking halls, musicians etc.  SERTA was able to use the SE Branches funds for this purpose and by now the majority of the SE Branches account balance is due to SERTA.

No vote was taken, but the clear majority of those speaking was in favour of SERTA retaining its current structure and method of operation.

SERTA was again well represented at the Teachers Association conference preceding the AGM in Perth.  One of the presentations was a version of Anselm Lingnau’s presentation to us in March 2014.


Volunteers request

We are looking for volunteers to be taught as part of the certificate class course and exam.  The class dates are:
Saturday & Sundays 17 & 18 January, 1, 21 & 22 February at Swallowfield Hall, Swallowfield Rd, Swallowfield from 13.00 – 16.30 and Saturday January 31 when the class is at Finchampstead Memorial Hall.

We shall also need people for the exams on Saturday 28 February at Swallowfield, time tbc.  Please contact George Ferrier if you are able to help.


Day school flyers

I have also attached flyers for Oxon RSCDS (Sat 21 February – note change of teacher) and S E Herts (Sun 1 March) day schools.


Mike Johnson