The Future of SERTA – update – and RSCDS business plan

We had a total of 28 responses to the request for views on the future of SERTA.  Not everyone expressed a view on whether SERTA should have a committee or a constitution and the result of the voting on these issues was very close. Of those who expressed a clear view, 11 were in favour of having a committee and 8 against.  By contrast, only 7 favoured a constitution with 9 voting against.   As a result, Jane Rose is exploring the options in setting up a committee and I  will step down from any organising role as soon as a committee is formed.


Headquarters has set up a working party to produce a business plan for the Society for the next 3 – 5 years.  A draft Mission and Strategic Aims is attached and the group is currently seeking views from branches.  Jane Rose is a member of the working party and would be happy to discuss the paper with people at the anniversary weekend.  Anyone not going to the weekend is welcome to respond either through their branch or as an individual in the survey here: or by contacting Jane (or 01923 261 167)