Musicians – proposed course for SCD musicians

The Berks/Hants/Surrey Border Branch of the RSCDS is looking to increase the pool of available musicians who are able and would like to play for Scottish Country Dancing classes and is hoping to run a music course which would support this aim.  This will be on similar lines to the class which Ian Muir has run at Summer School, but will take place in our area.

I am aware that the people I am initially contacting are dancers, but I am hoping that you will help to spread the word around by forwarding this information to anyone you can think of, so that as many musicians as possible hear about it.  I would like anyone interested or who has further questions to contact me at:  We need to find out where the people who are interested are based and what sort of times they would be available before this project can advance.

A good class musician is able to inspire the dancers to dance well whilst understanding how the music contributes to help dance teachers improve dancing standards,  AND the music increases everyone’s enjoyment.  Playing for a class can also be exciting and fun.

Hoping very much that SERTA will support us with this, which I believe could benefit all the dancers in our area and the south east generally.

With many thanks for your help,

Alex Duncan

Secretary, RSCDS, BHS Border Branch