Our Spring 2020 Workshop that was to have been held on Sunday 22nd March let by Peter Knight and Colin Duncan will not now take place on that date.  Our next meeting will therefore be our Autumn 2020 workshop taking place on  Sunday 27th September.

The March 2020 SERTA workshop takes place on Sunday 22nd March 2020 1030 – 1700, in two parts

Morning – Rhythmic Counting & Coaching led by Peter Knight

Afternoon – MCing at Dances led by Colin Duncan

with musician Ken Martlew

The morning Session will be led by Peter Knight with practice and hints towards Rhythmic Counting and Coaching.  This is a very useful skill which is easier with practice.  Mantras and opportunities to practise will be given.

The afternoon Session will be about MCing at Social Dances led by Colin Duncan from the BHS Borders Branch will include:

How to run a dance from the stage

How to encourage the last dancers onto the floor to make up sets

How to clearly announce and recap dances

How to work with your musicians to give the best event

Opportunities to practise will be given.

Venue Whelpley Hill Coronation Hall , Grove Lane, Chesham HP5 3RJ

M25 J20 –  A41

 Rail to Hemel Hempstead from Euston, then bus to Bovingdon Airfield

Workshop is on Sunday 22nd March. application form attached Please note final date for booking is Thursday 19th March.